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2021 Schedule

  • Stunt Dog Productions
  • Birdman

Wednesday, July 13th

2:00pm - 8:00pm (no exceptions): "Open Class" Entry Day 
5:00pm: Little Buds Cafe will Open

4-H Schedule:

  • Poultry & Rabbit Entry
  • Rabbit Show (Farmers Union Show Arena)

Thursday, July 14th

5:00 Exhibit Buildings Open! Giveaway to first 100 ppl
5:00 Midway Opens!
5:00-11:00 Ride Wristbands in the Midway
5:30 Stunt Dog Productions
6:00 Birdman
7:00 Stunt Dog Productions
7:30 Birdman
8:00 Stunt Dog Productions
8:00 Main Stage A Rising Force opening for FIREHOUSE
8:30 Birdman

4-H Schedule:

  • Animal Entry
  • Horse, Poultry, Goat and Swine Shows

Friday, July 15th

Friday 15th: Daycare Day

8:30-9:00am Registration
9:00-9:30am Birdman
10:15-10:45 Stunt Dog Show
11:00 Dock Dogs
**Click here for more Daycare Day details and to register your Daycare**

9:00 Birdman
10:15 Stunt Dog Show
11:00 Dock Dogs
11:00-2:00 FREE Gate – sponsors by Central-Bi Products
12:00 Birdman
1:00 Stunt Dog Productions
5:00 Birdman
6:00 Stunt Dog Productions
7:00 Birdman
8:00 Main Stage Hicktown Mafia opening for RODNEY ATKINS

4-H Schedule:

  • Beef, Dairy, Lamb Lead and Sheep Show

Saturday, July 16th

Saturday 16th:
10:00 Baking Contest on 4H Food Deck
10:00 4H Ribbon Auction
11:00 Dock Dogs
11:30 Birdman
12:00 Century Farms Program
12:00 Stunt Dog Productions
1:00 Paw Patrol Meet and Greet
2:00 Birdman
4:00 Stunt Dog Productions
5:00 Demo Derby in the Grand Stands
5:30 Birdman
6:00 Stunt Dog Productions
7:00 Birdman
8:00 Main Stage The T&A Show opening for PHIL VASSAR

4-H Schedule:

  • Livestock Auction Participants and Supporters Meal
  • Livestock Blue Ribbon Auction
  • Premier Showman Contest
  • Demonstration Judging

Sunday, July 17th

Sunday 17th:
9:00-Noon 4H Pancake Breakfast
11:00 Dock Dogs
11:00 Birdman
12:00 Mickey & Minnie Meet-n-Greet
12:00 Chainsaw Artist Silent Auction
12:00 Stunt Dog Productions
12:30 Birdman
2:00 Kids Pedal Pull
2:00 Stunt Dog Productions
2:30 Birdman
4:00 Stunt Dog Productions
5:00 Birdman

4-H Schedule

  • Fashion Show
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Special Awards & Graduation Ceremony
  • State Fair Exhibitor Meeting

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